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What is Han-Modular®

With the Han-Modular® series, you can optimally design connectors to supply machinery and equipment. This is made possible by combining individual modules for different transmission media. The connector handles different signal types through the combination of different modules that the designer selects. Modules can also be used to accommodate multimedia types, such as power, signal, and data can be combined into a single connector rather than separate connections.

Han-Modular®: Endless combination possibilities

Han-Modular®: Unendliche Kombinationsmöglichkeiten

Benefits of Modular Connectors

  • Space Savings – Integration of multiple connectors into a single unit allow for significant reduction in space requirements
  • Low-maintenance – Using a pre-assembled, pre-tested connector assembly can reduce hard wiring and installation time
  • Flexibility – With the Han-Modular® series, users can assemble their ‘own’ connectors according to their own individual requirements. Essentially creating a “custom” connector using standard stocked modules
  • Future Proof – Placeholder modules give you the flexibility to future-proof your modular connector design

Watch the industrial transformation begin with Han-Modular®

Hardwiring vs. Connectorization

When comparing ways to bring power, signal, or data into an application – there are two choices, permanently hardwiring connections or using a connector. When weighing the two options, there are several considerations. The first, and most important, is how frequently the application will be disconnected/reconnected. When hardwiring, each wire needs to be painstakingly removed and reconnected, resulting in substantial labor costs. If anything is miswired, it can take hours of troubleshooting.

Using a connector costs more upfront, but once made, it’s a plug-and-play solution is impossible to miswire and does not require skilled labor. For many, the long-term benefits of using connectors significantly outweigh hardwiring.

Circular vs. Rectangular

With connectors there are two choices: circular or rectangular. Circular connectors are twisted into place, while rectangular connectors are locked into place with latching mechanisms on either the inside or outside of the connector.

When selecting a connector, rectangular offers substantial benefits over circular. As circular connectors lock into place via twisting, additional space for a hand is required. Rectangular connectors can be placed right next to each other, allowing for a smaller end device.

In addition, rectangular connectors significantly lead circular connectors in terms of flexibility and modularity. Rectangular connectors allow for user-defined customization with off-the-shelf modules, while the connector manufacturer must usually design custom modular circular connectors. This results in long lead times and less flexibility.

smart Han® – The Gateway to the IIoT

The latest expansion of the modular series is the introduction of Smart Han® modules that allow connection to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) at the connector level. HARTING combines expertise in reliable connectivity with future-forward technology – in the footprint of the well-established Han-Modular® insert.

HARTING’s Smart Han® approach is to develop solutions in conjunction with leading IIoT thought-leaders, as needs arise, with the goal of making them globally available.

More information on Han-Modular®

Han® SP Module: Surge protection in a modular connector

HARTING has developed a protective circuit which is placed in the connector in order to protect common signals in the instrumentation and control area (I&C). The advantage for the customer: Digital and analogue circuits are securely protected.

Hinged frame offers more installation advantages and cost savings

HARTING has complemented the well-known Han-Modular® building block system with the addition of the new "hinged frame plus". Among others, the “plus” for the proven hinged frame comes in the form of an additional stainless steel spring that holds the frame together in the open and closed positions, as well as other details that have been optimised. Particular time and cost advantages result from the fact that assembling the connector modules is easier and more efficient.

PE module does away with special cables for power connectors

HARTING has extended the Han Modular® series with the introduction of a module for the pluggable connection of large PE cross-sections (10-35 mm²). The hinged frame of the Han Modular® series already features two integrated PE connections for the 0.5-10mm² cross-section range. Cross-sections of 10-35 mm² can now be realized using the new pluggable PE module. Special cables with reduced PE are no longer necessary. The PE module is simply mounted in the articulated frame, creating a secure, electrically conductive connection from the PE contact to the hinged frame and the housing. The PE protective earth connection is pre-leading and complies with standard IEC 61984.

LC Module for optical data transmission in the connector

The LC module enables users to leverage the advantages of transmission via fibre optic cable (FOC) for industrial connectors. FOC offer tremendous advantages in the transmission of sensitive data in industrial environments. It ensures interference-free transmission and displays no EMC issues, which is the case with copper-based data transmission. As a result, siting FOC infrastructure side-by-side with a power supply poses no problems in Han Modular® connectors. The high contact density of the LC module reduces the space required for fibre optic transmission. The LC module’s contacts are suitable for 50-62.5/125 micron multimode fibres as well as for single mode fibres. Typical applications for the LC module include data transmission in machinery and plant facilities.

Han Modular® for high mating cycles

Industrial facilities increasingly feature modular designs. More and more mobile equipment is being used in manufacturing, and swap-outs are being done more frequently and as quickly as possible. This also means that more connectors are required which are designed for a high number of mating cycles. The HARTING Han Modular® “High Mating Cycles” (HMC) hinged frame allows the integration of contacts designed for especially high mating cycles (10,000 insertions/removals) in inserts from the proven Han Modular® series. Use of the Han Modular® HMC hinged frame means Han® Modular modules can be integrated into a HMC housing – and are consequently equipped for over 10,000 mating cycles. The HMC hinged frame differs from conventional hinged frames particularly with regard to the PE contact. The contact is specially coated in the HMC hinged frame and is attached to the latter using a special process.

Modular connector for Ethernet networks

Networking and digitisation of manufacturing processes has meant an increase in the proportion of Ethernet components at the field level. To meet this trend, HARTING developed the Han Modular® Switch US4. The US4 enables components such as high-resolution cameras used for quality assurance to be e.g. integrated into the network of a production facility with little effort. The Ethernet Switch US4 is suitable for industrial applications and supports Ethernet (10 Mbit/s), Fast Ethernet (100 Mbit/s) and Gigabit Ethernet (1000 Mbit/s). Up to 4 devices can be connected via RJ45 ports. The US4 Switch is Plug&Play compatible, and integrated LEDs provide quick and easy power and network diagnostics. HARTING’s strategy towards smarter connectors goes further: an ID module provides memory space for the connector. Other solutions emerging on the horizon are integrated sensors and wireless modules in the modular connector.

Compressed air transmission in the connector

The Han® Pneumatic Module enables prepared compressed air to be transmitted via connectors, which is required for e.g. drives. The blue colouring of the pneumatic module makes it stand out from electrical modules. Depending on requirements, the male and female contacts can be used for various pneumatic hose diameters (∅ = 1.6 to 6mm). The module can also be combined with all other modules in the Han Modular® series. This means that in addition to electric power and electrical signals, fibre optic signals and gaseous media can also be transmitted in pluggable mode. The module is available in variants with two (for hose ∅ = 6 mm) or three plug slots (for hoses with ∅ = 1.6 to 4mm). The female contacts are available with or without shut-off function. In the shut-off variant a spring-loaded valve closes over an O-ring when the connector is opened. This prevents compressed air from escaping. When plugged in, the male contact presses against the valve and keeps the contact open

Han-Modular® hinged frame

DER Han®

The Han-Modular® hinged frame offers more installation advantages and cost savings. Discover more!

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Han® Pneumatic Module Metal

The new Han® Pneumatic Module enables compressed air delivery via modular interfaces with thousands of mating cycles.


Han® – The standard since 1950

In the 1950s, the young engineer Wilhelm Harting recognised the need to make heavy connectors available for industrial applications, much as they had been used in military technology. Harting conceived the idea for a rectangular connector intended to be both robust and easy to handle. Working from these principles, he developed the HARTING Norm connector, or “Han®” for short.

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