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Ethernet connector M8-D coded

The M8 is a common connector at the field level, although to date only for the transmission of signals. The new M8 D-coded has a robust metal housing with continuous shielding, which enables it to supply devices with 100 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet. In order to avoid taking up further space with additional power interfaces, the M8 is also PoE-capable in D-coding and can simultaneously supply data and power to field participants.

On the circuit board, the M8 socket is about 30 % smaller than the previous solution in M12.
Miss M8ty supports the Ethernet protocol standard IEEE 802.3 and is standardised according to PAS IEC 61076-2-114. Hence it can be used in existing active and passive infrastructure and offers you the investment security you need.

The power of miniaturisation. All benefits at a glance.

30% smaller than conventional M12 connectors

30 % kleiner als übliche M12 Steckverbinder

100 Mbit/s Cat. 5 Fast Ethernet IEEE 802.3

100 Mbit/s Cat. 5 Fast Ethernet IEEE 802.3

Shielded solution

Geschirmte Lösung

PoE capable

PoE fähig

Robust design per IP67

Robuste Auslegung nach IP67


Unterstützt PROFINET
Miss M8ty
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Interview with Matthias Domberg, Productmanager HARTING Technology Group

The M8 can be used in existing active and passive infrastructure. Control and monitoring are no longer isolated systems, and are now able to communicate with other locations and important information sources.